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Year 2009

1 - European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry,44,289-295

Synthesis and evaluation of in vitro anti-tuberculosis activity of N-substituted glycolamides

Daryaee F,Kobarfard F,Khalaj A,Farnia P

2 - Sleep Breath,259-262

Psychometric properties of the Persian version of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index addendum for PTSD (PSQI-A)

Vahid sheibani ,Nouzar Nakhaee,Jeiran Farrahi,Ahmad Amirkafi,Behshid Garrusi

3 - Cases Journal,39,2

Concomitant dislocation of the tarsometatarsal and metatarsophalangeal joints of ,the second toe (floating second metatarsal): a case report

Alireza Saied,Mahmood Karimi Mobarake,Elisabeth Baron

4 - The Internet Journal of Gastroenterology,2,7

Bowel Cleansing by Polyethylene Glycol preparation in Acute Pediatric Poisoning: Report of Two Cases

Seddiqe Amini-Ranjbar

5 - Neuroscience Letters,451,266-269

Serine/threononie protein phosphtases have no role in the inhibitory effects of low-frequency stimulation in perforant path kindling acquisition in rats

Javad Mirnajafi-Zadeh,Mehdi Sadegh,Vahid Sheibani

6 - European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry,44,1205-1209

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of nitroaryl thiadiazole-gatifloxacin hybrids

Seyyedeh Samira Jazayeri,Saeed Emami,Alireza Foroumadi,Abbas Shafiee,Manzarbanoo Esnaashari,Farahnaz Pahlavanzadeh,Saeed Rajabalian,Loghman Firoozpour,Mohammad Hassan Moshafi,Mitra Haddad

7 -  Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy,63,Winter,216-220

N-Substituted piperazinyl quinolones as potential cytotoxic agents: Structure-activity relationships study

Abbas Shafiee,Alireza Foroumadi,Negar Mohammadhosseini,saeed Emami,Saeed Rajabalian,Marziyeh Badinloo

8 - Turk J Chem,33,47-58

Synthesis and Leishmanicidal Evaluation of Novel 4-Substituted-2,2-Dimethyl-7-(prop-2-ynyloxy)Chromenes

Abbas Shafiee,Babak H. alizadeh,Alireza Foroumadi,Sussan K. Ardestani,Fatemeh Poorrajab

9 -  Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol,349-351

Bilateral simultaneous femoral neck fractures in a child

Alireza Saied,Alireza Jalili

10 -  Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior,92,327-334

Adrenalectomy potentiates the antinociceptive effects of calcium channel blockers

Saeed Esmaeili-Mahani,Mojtaba Dolatshahi,Fereshteh Motamedi,Ali Haeri,Abolhasan Ahmadiani

11 - American Journal of Infectious Diseases,1,5,21-25

Post Traumatic Meningitis in Neurosurgery Department

Reza Malekpour,Saeed Karamoozian,Hassan Shafei

12 - J Assist Reprod Genet,26,129-135

Effect of embryonic fibroblast cell co-culture on development of mouse embryos following exposure to visible light

Seyed Noureddin Nematollahi,Amirmehdi Nematollahi-mahani,Ghazaleh Moshkdanian,Hassan Pahang

13 - The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery,2,20,545-550

Skull Indices in a Population Collected From Computed Tomographic Scans of Patients with Head Trauma

Hossein Eskandary,S. Noureddin nematollahi,Nasser Zangiabadi

14 -  Indian J. Pharm. Sci,6,70,782

Amitriptyline Pharmacokinetics in Experimental Spinal Cord Injury in the Rabbit

M. Ansari,H. Reihanikermani,M. S. Meymandi,A. Soltani

15 -  American Journal of Applied Sciences,6,6,1067-1069

Inhibitory Effect of Ginger Extract on Candida albicans

Zahra Atai,Maryam Mohseni,Manijeh Atapour

16 -  Synthetic Communications,39,1722-1728

One-Pot Synthesis of 4-Hydroxy-3-phenyl-2H-pyrano[3,2-b]benzofuran-2-one Derivatives

Abbas Shafiee,Alireza Foroumadi,Sara Zamanian,Alireza Samzadeh-Kermani

17 - Cellular & Molecular Immunology,2,6,april,111-116

Acute Morphine Administration Reduces Cell-Mediated Immunity and Induces Reactivation of Latent Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 in BALB/c Mice

Abbas Jamali,Shafi Mojaddadi,Behzad Khansarinejad,Hoorieh soleimanjahi,Taravat Bamdad

18 - Psychological Reports,104,509-516

Validity and reliability of a persian version of the childhood trauma questionnaire

Behshid Garrusi,Nouzar Nakhaee

19 - European Journal of Neurology,16,619-623

The relationship of presence or absence of palmaris longus and fifth flexor digitorum superficialis with carpal tunnel syndrome

A. Saied,S. Karamoozian

20 -  Eur. Cytokine Netw.,2,20,june,69-74

Antibody response to pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide vaccination in patients with chronic kidney disease

Asghar aghamohammadi,Majid Mahmoudi,Nima Rezaei,Mahboob Lessan-Pezeshki,Alireza Mousavi-Jarrahi,Mohammadali Mohagheghi,Sina abdollahzadeh,Gholamreza Pourmand

21 - Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal,3,15,591-599

Prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the Islamic Republic of Iran: systemic review and meta-analysis

H.M. Baradaran,A.A Haghdoust,M. Rezazadeh kermani,B. Sadeghirad

22 - Pakistan journal of pharmacology sciences,3,22,308-312

Effect of methanolic extract of HYOSCYMUS NIGER L. on the seizure induced by picritoxin in mice

M.R. Heidari, Golnaz Eimani,G. Sepehri,M. Heidari

23 -  Pakistan journal of pharmacology sciences,3,22,july,259-262

Diclofenac inhibits proliferation but not NGF-INDUCED differentiation of PC12 cells

S. Rajabalian,M. Badinloo,M. shamsi meymandi

24 -  INTL. J. PSYCHIATRY IN MEDICINE,2,39,189-198

Religious Involvement and Cigarette Smoking among Iranian University Students

Nouzar Nakhaee,Kouros Divsalar,Nadjme Jadidi

25 - Letters in Drug Design & Discovery,6,468-474

Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationship Study of 2-Substituted- 5-(5-nitro-2-,thienyl)-,3,4-thiadiazoles as Anti-Hlicobacter pylori Agents

Abbas Shafiee,Alireza foroumadi,Mohsen Vosooghi,Somayeh Sedaghat,Saeed Emami,Maryam yazdanian,Mohammadhassan Moshafi,Maliheh Safavi,Amirhossein Sakhteman,Loghman Firouzpour

26 -  Arch. Pharm. Chem. Life Sci,342,405-411

Conformationally Constrained Analogs of N-Substituted Piperazinylquinolones: Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of N-(2,3-Dihydro-4-hydroxyimino-4H-1benzopyran-3-yl)-piperazinylquinolones

Saeed Emami,Alireza foroumadi,Saeed Rajabalian,Nasrin Samadi,Mohammadali faramarzi

27 -  Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. (New York Academy of  ,1171,399-406,Sciences)

Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Activity of a Novel Rigid 3, 4-Dihydroxy Chalcone in Mice

M. R. Heidari,A. Eskandarizadeh,B. S. Azimzadeh,A. Samzadeh-Kermani,A. Foroumadi,A. Amirabadi

28 - Turk J Chem,33,471-478

Synthesis and in vitro anti-Helicobacter pylori activity of 2-(substituted benzylthio)-5-(5-nitro-2- furyl)-1, 3, 4-thiadiazole derivatives

Alireza Foroumadi,Negar Mohammadhosseini,Mohsen Vosooghi,Ali Asadipour,Bahram Letafat,Farideh Siavoshi,Abbas Shafiee

29 -  Pakistan journal of pharmacology sciences,4,22,october,395-401

Study of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of novel rigid benzofuran-3, 4-dihydroxy chalcone by formalin, hot-plate and carrageenan tests in mice

Mahmoudreza heidari,Behzad Sarvar Azimzadeh,Alireza Foroumadi,Ali Samzadeh-kermani,Hojat Norouzi

30 -  Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. (New York Academy of  ,1171,300-304,Sciences)

Study of Antiseizure Effects of Matricaria recutita Extract in Mice

M. R. Heidari,Z. Dadollahi,M. Mehrabani,H. Mehrabani,M. Pourzadeh-Hosseini,E. Behravan,L. Etemad

31 -  Diseases of the Colon & Rectum,10,52,1753-1761

Potential of Human Umbilical Cord Matrix and Rabbit Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Repair of Surgically Incised Rabbit External Anal Sphincter

Mahmoud Aghaee-afshar,Armita Shahesmaeili,Mohammad Rezazadeh Kermani,Alireza asadi,Reza Malekpour-afshar,Seyed Noureddin Nematollahi -mahani

32 - American Journal of Immunology,3,5,98-100

Atopic Deramatitis and Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in Iranian Children

Elham Ahmadi,Zahra Rahnama,Ali Rikhtegaran Tehrani

33 -  Singapore Med J,9,50,897-901

The interaction between physical activity and fasting on the serum lipid profile during Ramadan

Haghdoost A A,PoorRanjbar M

34 - American Journal of Applied Sciences,10,6,1812-1814

Diagnostic Endoscopy in Children of Two Months to 15 Years of Age

Seddiqe Amini-Ranjbar,Mohammad-Hossein Torabinejad

35 - Indian J Dent Res,2,20,169-173

Cytotoxicity evaluation of Persica mouthwash on cultured human and mouse cell lines in the presence and absence of fetal calf serum

Mohammad Mohammadi,saeed Rajabalian,Behrooz Mozaffari

36 - Journal of Addictions Nursing,20,203-208

Why Do Some Teens Turn to Drugs? A Focus Group Study of Drug Users Experiences

Nouzar Nakhaee,Nadjme Jadidi

37 -  Medicinal Chemistry Research,18,758-769

Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of 4-(2-henoxyphenyl)semicarbazones

Abbas Shafiee,Ardeshir Rineh,Alireza Foroumadi,Vahid Sheibani,Mohammad Reza Afarinesh,Abbas Kebriaeezadeh

38 - J Assist Reprod Genet,26,597-604

The role of co-culture systems on developmental competence of preimplantation mouse embryos against pH fluctuations

Seyed Noureddin Nematollahi-mahani,Fatemeh Labibi,Amirmehdi Nematollahi-mahani,Ghazaleh Moshkdanian,Zhinoosossadat Shahidzadehyazdi

39 - Pak J Physiol,1,5,11-15

The effects of aqueous extract of water cress on the glucose and lipid plasma in the streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

Shahrokhi N,Khaksari Haddad M,Keshavarzi Z,Shabani M

40 - Medicinal Chemistry,5,529-534

2-Substituted-5-Nitroheterocycles: In Vitro Anti-Helicobacter pylori Activity and Structure-Activity Relationship Study

Saeed Emami,Alireza Foroumadi,Maedeh Sorkhi,Mohammad Hassan Moshafi,Maliheh Safavi,Ardeshir Rineh,Farideh Siavoshi,Abbas Shafiee