Thursday, September 23, 2021
Created Date : Saturday, February 22, 2020   Update Date : Saturday, February 22, 2020   


KMU succeeded to get the PIC number from EU


Kerman University of Medical Sciences (KMU) succeeded to get the PIC number from European Commission (EU) and it was validated. Therefore the faculties and research centers are now able to use this code for their prospective scientific projects.


PIC number or Participant Identification Code is a unique 9- digit identifier for the EU to confirm an organization details and allow the organizations and universities to request for EU grants. If an organization, university or research center intends to participate in any Horizon 2020 proposals or Erasmus program which provide opportunities for students to study or gain work experience in a different European country while completing a degree, it is required to get a PIC number by registering the organization in the EU Site through a complicated process.


Now you can find KMU at: