Thursday, July 18, 2019


The development of international relations of medical universities, as one of the most important programs of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, has attracted attentions and the post-sanction atmosphere has opened a proper window to improve international relations to promote accountability and health needs.


In this regard, the Directorate of International Relations of KMU was established in 1394 with the aim of increasing the international relations and meeting the international needs of the University by exploring possible ways to deepen academic cooperation with different countries such as Cyprus, Syria, U.S.A, England and France. It has paved the way for implementing the MOUs and developing international cooperation and has already stepped forward to take more efficient actions to achieve goals regarding enhancing academic ties between KMU and other universities. While concentrating on the UK, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus and Pakistan, we are looking out for academic partners worldwide to expand our scientific cooperation and exchange medical information in education and research.