Sunday, June 13, 2021
Created Date : Sunday, October 25, 2015   Update Date : Sunday, December 10, 2017   

Vice-Chancellor For Administrative Affairs


 Vice-Cahncellor for Administrative Affairs is a component of our organizational structure which commits to provide the affiliated units of Kerman University of Medical Sciences with support services. Along the university’s policy and objectives, this deputy undertakes proper allocation of resources and funds, made possible by planning, supervision, organization, and support, and doing so, enables fulfillment of social justice in delivering services to the public.

Description of Duties

Develop and propose administrative and financial policies; supervise the good execution of administrative and financial affairs and support services; supervise the execution of the decisions made concerning constructional projects, either national or provincial; supervise the university’s administration; supervise employment; supervise holding of workshops on modern management techniques.


Human Resources Division

Description of Duties

Referral of the human resources affairs to employees and supervise the proper implementation of regulations and employment bylaws by the staff and academic members; issuance of Notifications of Personnel Action for staff and academic members as per the invested regulations and powers.