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Vice-Chancellor For Curative Affairs


Supervise the observance of ethical principles throughout all stages of treatment; endeavor to provide just treatment services, according to the actual area-specific needs and establish the referral system (The Grading System); lay the groundwork for employing the required specialized workforce and empower the existing one; provide a desirable environment to encourage the collaboration of the private sector and charity institutes for the development and improvement of treatment across the province; attempt to provide the required medical equipment and to organize the existing facilities; automate data collection systems and create a communication network between all the hospitals and the Treatment Deputy; make every endeavor to enhance the quality and quantity of paraclinical services and continual supervision on them; enhance the quality of hospital services through implementing the standard method and increasing in-patient and out-patient satisfaction; lay the groundwork for overall and qualitative enhancement of emergency services and the Orientation and Information Headquarters; provide urban and road 115 Emergency Service; and remain prepared in accidents through the Emergency Operation Center (EOC).

Description of Duties

Supervise good implementation of the regulations and guidelines of the field office of the Health Deputy in medical centers across Kerman province; supervise the affairs of the medical institutes affiliated to the university and the private sector.

Committees and Councils of the Treatment Deputy

Kerman Province Health Council Secretariat

Kerman Province Medical Council

The Cooperation Council

The Committee on Reducing Maternal Mortality

The Committee on Reducing Neonatal Mortality

The Committee on Natural Childbirth and Increasing Maternal/Neonatal Health

The Supervision and Evaluation Committee on Promoting Breastfeeding

Article 11 Committee (Tazirat)

The Prenatal Services Grading Committee

Article 31 Committee (Issuing Establishment License for Substance Abuse Treatment Centers)

Article 20 Committee (License Issuance)

The Blood Transfusion Committee

The Commission on Mortality of Children (Aged 1-59 Month)

The Medical Equipment Policy-Making Committee

The Islamic and Medical Compliance Committee

The Medical Equipment Procurement Committee

The Hospital Infection Control Committee