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Faculty of Pharmacy


About Faculty of Pharmacy 


The faculty of the School of Pharmacy was originally composed of 8 lecturers, mainly graduates of domestic universities, thus, experienced professors from Mashhad and Isfahan Schools of Pharmacy were invited to increase the scientific load of the offered programs. Over time, a number of lecturers as well as alumni of the School of Pharmacy were awarded scholarships for specialty studies at home and abroad universities, all of whom commenced their educational and research activities at this school, holding Ph.D. certificates, later on. Currently (February, 2013), the number of our faculty adds up to 2 professors, 7 associate professors, and 7 assistant professors.



Having accepted 30 students, the School of Pharmacy commenced activity in February 1988, and after 8 years of winter admission, starting from 1995, students were admitted in the fall semester.

The admission quota has always been proportionate to the overall national requirements, and, to this day, ranged from 25 to 50 per year. At present, 567 students are studying at this school, including 382 girls and 185 boys.

There are, furthermore 15 M.Sc. students of toxicology, of whom 13 are girls and 2 are boys, accompanied by 2 PhD candidates of Pharmaceutics, 2 PhD candidates of Traditional Pharmacy, and 9 PhD candidates by research.



The duration of study at this school is nearly 6 years, during which the students pass 216 theoretical, practical, training, and internship credits.

To this day, a total number of 897 individuals have been graduated from this school as Doctors of Pharmacy, and 6 individuals as Bachelor of Pharmacy.

From among our alumni, 52, relying on their endeavor and perseverance, managed to surpass their peers from other schools and were admitted into pharmacy fellowship programs, home and abroad, some of whom have been awarded scholarships by this school and some other, have been employed by other schools of pharmacy. The following is a list of the above-named:


1. Dr. Abdolali Mohagheghzadeh                                            33. Dr. Alireza Aliabadi

2. Dr. Asghar Davoud                                                             34. Dr. Leila Etemad

3. Dr. Bagher Amirheydari                                                      35. Dr. Hossein Torabifard

4. Dr. Abdolreza Hassanzadeh                                                36. Dr. Ali Gholamzadeh

5. Dr. Mahmoudreza Moein                                                    37. Dr. Hamid Foroutanfar

6. Dr. Fatemeh Soltani                                                            38. Dr. Mojtaba Shakibaei

7. Dr. Abbas Mirzaei                                                               39. Dr. Saleheh Sabouri

8. Dr. Maliheh Keramati                                                         40. Dr. Raheleh Jabini

9. Dr. Mehdi Habibi                                                                41. Dr. Saeid Ghasemi

10. Dr. Pouneh Salari                                                              42. Dr. Maryam Mousavinejad

11. Dr. Shirin Pournourmohammadi                                       43. Dr. Saeid Mozafari

12. Dr. Hamid Irannejad                                                         44. Dr. Asghar Davoud

13. Dr. Mitra Asgharian                                                          45. Dr. Abdolreza Hassanzadeh

14. Dr. Mohammadali Danesh                                                46. Dr. Vajiheh Akbari

15. Dr. Maryam Hamzehlou Moghadam                                 47. Dr. Fatemeh Dabaghzadeh

16. Dr. Fatemeh Sharifzadeh                                                   48. Dr. Marya, Badri

17. Dr. Bibifatemeh Kalalinia                                                  49. Dr. Amirhossein Saadati

18. Dr. Kaveh Tabrizian                                                         50. Dr. Behzad Behnam

19. Dr. Amirhossein Sakhteman                                              51. Dr. Naemeh Nikvarz

20. Dr. Samaneh Mortazavi                                                     52. Dr. Maryam Hosseini

21. Dr. Esmaeil Moazeni                                                         53. Dr. Ehsan Faghih Mirzaei

22. Dr. Loghman Firouzpoor                                                   54. Dr. Saeid Emami

23. Dr. Alieh Ameri                                                                 55. Dr. Zarin Sarhadi

24. Dr. Ehsan Mohajeri                                                           56. Dr. Somayeh Teymouri

25. Dr. Amirhossein Moslehi                                                   57. Dr. Nahid Ahmadi

26. Dr. Nourieh Saeidi                                                             58. Dr. Hakimeh Rakhshandeh

27. Dr. Samira Eslamizad                                                        59. Dr. Mahboubeh Raeiszadeh

28. Dr. Hossein Gholamzadeh                                                60. Dr. Noushafarin Sadat Amani

29. Dr. Khadijeh Hamidian                                                     61. Dr. Narjes Hosseini

30. Dr. Soudeh Salarpour                                                        62. Dr. Afsaneh Nourmandi

31. Dr. Mohammad Fathalipour                                             63. Dr. Shiva Sadatamiri

32. Dr. Sepideh Karimi Afshar

















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