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Vice-Chancellery for Public Health




Aiming at maintaining and promoting community public health, The Public Health Vice-Chancellery of Kerman University of Medical Sciences is determined to offer effective and purposeful public health services, by addressing vulnerable groups and relying on the principle of social justice and preserving human dignity, attracting public participation, and intersectoral coordination, made possible through planning, timely support, accurate and timely recording of information, and monitoring and evaluation systems.



Expansion of Healthcare Networks Group

Consolidation of the infrastructures of healthcare services provision, including development of physical resources, equipment, and human resources in provincial health networks, and implementation of programs pertaining to laboratories, family physician, volunteers and the Behvarz program, are all duties of this network.



Laboratories Unit

Through education, planning, and supervision on the laboratories across Kerman province, this unit aims at the consolidation of infrastructures of public health services provision and implementation of the pertaining programs by developing equipment and physical resources, as well as, human resources required for the healthcare and staff units of the Public Health Vice-Chancellery.



Environmental and Occupational Public Health Group

Description of Duties

This group is composed of two subdivisions of ‘Environmental Health’ and ‘Occupational Health’. The main duties include the enhancement of environmental health status, aimed at raising public awareness, especially applying the By-Law of Article 13 on operators of centers of procurement, distribution and sale in public places; investigating drinking water samples, and rural sanitation, as well as, occupational health improvement, by identification, evaluation, and control of harmful factors in working environment and conducting proper healthcare measures which protect the health of our staff.



Disease Prevention and Combat Group

Description of Duties

Planning, education, supervision, and evaluation of communicable and noncommunicable divisions of public health centers across the province and bridging between public health centers across different cities and the Center for Disease Control to prevent disease and control epidemics, are all duties of this group.



Family Health and Population Group

Five separate units constitute this group:

  • Population and Family Planning: Premarital counseling, support and procurement of contraceptive methods, etc;
  • Children: healthy children healthcare programs, sick children integrated healthcare program, promotion of breastfeeding;
  • Mothers: investigating maternal mortality, maternal care, promoting safe delivery, etc.
  • Women and seniors: Pap smear testing, seniors’ health.



Oral Public Health Group

This group is responsible for increasing public oral public health through education, provision of preventive services at public healthcare centers, as well as, oral public health indicators section.


School Public Health Unit

Description of Duties

Planning concerning school public health programs, through coordination between public health and education units, and offering student public healthcare at public health centers across Kerman province; investigating and understanding the current status in order to determine the needs and priorities and identification of specific issues and problems in different cities and cooperation towards their obviation; facilitating mutual collaboration between other public health divisions and education departments; and supervising on and evaluating of school public health programs across the province.



Drug Unit

Description of Duties

Planning aimed at optimized procurement, distribution, and use of drugs across urban and rural public healthcare centers, are among the responsibilities of the Drug Unit.



Nutrition Unit

Description of Duties

Assessing anthropometric indicators; assisting in the provision of medicinal supplements; intervening for reducing malnutrition;



Mental and Social Public Health and Addiction Group

Description of Duties

This group operates in the two spheres of mental public health and addiction prevention, as well as, reducing the damages induced by drug abuse, offering services including integration of mental public health into Primary Public Health Care, instruction of life skills, suicide prevention, founding and supervision on Drop in Centers (DICs), and providing preventive and therapeutic services for mental and social complications.



Committees and Councils of the Public Health Vice-Chancellery

  • The Committee on Reducing Maternal Mortality (Undertaken by the Vice-Chancellery for Curative Affairs)
  • The Promotion of Breastfeeding Committee
  • The Committee on Reviewing Mortality of Children Aged 1-59 Month (Undertaken by the Vice-Chancellery for Curative Affairs)
  • The Committee on Natural Childbirth and Increasing Maternal/Neonatal Public Health (Undertaken by the Vice-Chancellery for Curative Affairs)
  • The Prenatal Services Grading Committee (Undertaken by the Vice-Chancellery for Curative Affairs)
  • The Malaria Committee
  • The Tuberculosis Committee
  • The Polio Committee
  • The Influenza Committee
  • The Thalassemia Committee
  • The Phenylketonuria Committee
  • The Committee on Adverse Effects of Vaccines
  • The AIDS Committee, including subcommittees of:
  • Information
  • Care and Treatment
  • Protection and Damage Control
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • The Congenital Rubella Syndrome Committee
  • The Zoonotic Diseases Committee
  • The Dissipation of Stray Dogs Committee
  • The Committee on Prevention of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD)
  • The Committee on Prevention of Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) Disorders
  • The Protective Committee of Children with Malnutrition



Vice-Chancellor for Public Health

Dr. Vahid Reza Borhaninejad

Education :

PhD Elderly Science

Academic Rank :

Associate Professor

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(+98 34) 32114848

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(+98 34) 3121 5740

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Vice-Chancellor for Health, University of Medical Sciences, Shafa Crossroad, Jomhouri Blvd, Kerman, Iran.