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Vice-Chancellor for Research


The Research Deputy endeavors to bring about the qualitative enhancement of activities of Education, Health, and Treatment Divisions by creating the need and triggering the motivation for research in said divisions, to align these activities along the production of knowledge and meeting the needs of the society and industry, and to minimize their dependence to government funds.

Description of Duties

Determine and enact research policies of the university as per the views of the University Council; offer suggestions on modification or development of the university’s research affairs; review the Research Bylaws of the university and suggest the required amendments, according to the current and future requirements; accept research projects to propose in research committees, and supervise good performance of the university’s research activities; supervise external affairs concerning the research projects of researchers, inventors, and discoverers from the university alumni; supervise the holding of research conferences and provide the grounds for the collaboration of our academic members at home or abroad; investigate the research points achieved by the academic members and disseminate the results of the conducted research.

Research Affairs Division

The main duties of this division include proposition of suggestions and plans to modify or develop the university’s research affairs; review of the Research Bylaws of the university and suggest the required amendments; acceptance of research projects to propose in research committees; annual evaluation of the research activities of academic members; proposition of research projects to be examined by the Medical Ethics Committee; suggestion of strategies to increase the research potential of academic members; supervision on good implementation of research projects; foundation of the Supervision Committee, and delegation of supervisors for research projects.

Office of International and Inter-University Relations and Conference Affairs

Description of Duties

Coordination, information, and dispatching of academic members to sabbaticals, home and abroad; formation of the Publications Council, and the entire affairs concerning compiling and translating books (by academic members) and holding research methodology workshops, are among the main duties of this office.

Secretariat of the Scientific Journal

Description of Duties

The Scientific Journal of Kerman University of Medical Sciences has been published as a regular quarterly, since 1995, when it was awarded with the rank of a high-impact journal.


Our laboratory benefits form a wide range of equipment including: Elisa Reader, electrophoresis device, shaking incubators, UV-visible and regular Spectrophotometers, incubators, bain marie, 10000 RPM centrifuge, regular and fluorescent binocular microscope with imaging capability, CO2 incubator, refrigerator and -20 ºC freezer. Our research center laboratory is ready to cooperate with the research projects approved by the Research Council of the University, as far as our facilities allow.

Our Research Committees and Councils


Ethics in Research Committee

Student Research Committee

Accidents Research Committee

Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Committee

Nanotechnology and Biomaterial Research Committee

Environmental Medicine Research Committee

Dental Research Committee

Environmental Health Research Committee

Medicinal Plants Research Committee


University Research Council

Faculties Research Council

HSR Policy Council